From the President...


As I begin writing this open letter to you -in the stillness of the night- I am cozy at home, hearthside by a blazing fire, warmed by hot chocolate. I am blessed with beautiful holiday memories of family and friends in this Season of Light & Gifting. I am Thankful for bountiful harvest- and crisp Autumn days and nights- plunged into The Season of Winter-clear nights, bright sky, serene beauty- and the promise of new beginnings, new year, hope, resolve- and resolutions. I am filled with anticipation-and excitement!  I want You, Each, Every One, and All to be a part of this most wonderful time!

Memories build a bridge between our hearts and minds. The sweet memories of ‘Under a Sapphire Skye’ do just that! The organization of this floral production involved not only TSFA & CTPFA boards- and a few key, vested individuals, it also included our floral program presenters and artists, vendors, brokers, expo partners, students and instructors, first time attendees, and veterans alike-professionals from all walks  within our beloved industry. If you were privileged to be a part of our Floral Forum & Expo 2017, I know you enjoyed the educational experience. More than that you were witness to a movement- a grass ROOT movement- years in the making. Thanks to all who gave of their time, shared talent and expertise. We were able to network, renew old friendships and welcome new friends. The comradery and teamwork are together one of our most valuable assets, resources, - and benefits.

Our board has stepped out of the box, chosen calculated risks- to optimize the educational experience, for as many florists as possible.  Participation has proven to be our greatest challenge, yet those who’ve participated have been richly rewarded. This year -2018 is no exception, participation is key, in obtaining success.

While it is a new year, the planning for TSFA CTPFA Floral Forum and Expo is well underway. Program presenter contracts are in progress. Expo contracts will be forthcoming. Our third board meeting of this term is upon us. Committees are engaged as we journey toward Root 66! –August 17-19 Cool Springs Marriott, Franklin, TN. Join us as we create new floral memories bridging mind and heart, body and soul.                                                                            - There is always room for one more- You!

TSFA is committed to education! On that note – we partner with FFA, NAFA, SAF, AIFD, as well as wholesale entities, wire services- and trade shows. They are all a factor of the education equation. TSFA advocates delegates & representation to all within our industry. We are achieving our goals in the development of Industry Relations, by improving communication, to benefit all.

As we continue to educate ourselves and to be educated, we know our students are the industry Future, and we are striving for greater representation at our annual conference.

Like the Seasons,  Times- they are a changin’. The TSFA board is an advocate for positive change, and has approved commitment of plans, and begun diligent work to present two Showcase Programs this year. Though in development, we are strategically focusing on these geographic areas as follows: Memphis – late Winter or early Spring- and Christmas in Kingsport- in the Autumn. As we venture into the new  year, researching these opportunities, as well as other endeavors - excitement is in the air! We are creating memories between mind and heart.

 Come Grow With Us! Let’s make it great, in 2-0-1-8! Join Us- there’s always room for one more!...

Until next time, I remain ...

Florally Yours,                                                                                                                                                   Brenda