Charlene Crimm Memorial Scholarship

Founding Contributor: Sam Crimm II

Initial Grant Contributers: Larry Keeton, Tennessee State Florists' Association, Kevin Coble AIFD, Tennessee Certified Floristis

Committee Board of Examiners & Governors:

Kevin Coble AIFD, Deb Hooper TCF, Doris Hargrove TCF, Brenda Blackburn TCF , Larry Keeton, Frank Allen

The purpose of this scholarship is the opportunity for novices to further their education by attending & participating in educational seminars, workshops, schools, conventions, shows within the floral industry.

2015 is a pilot program, which the TSFA Board and the Crimm Committee has approved, as Introduction to Convention 2015 .

Requirements 2016

The applicant will complete an application. The applicant will submit an Essay with Intent, and future Goals pertaining to the floral industry. An instructor screening/evaluation may transpire, if more than two applications from one institution are submitted in a convention.

Future requirements such as volunteer hours and hands on aptitude  may apply.  Scholarship is granted only to approved schools by the governing Crimm Committee.

This scholarship is given in memory and honor of a gentile southern woman, who served this organization for 60 years,  whose knowledge and wise counsel impacted our recovery and growth , who believed education was the key factor to one’s success, and the industry’s sustainable future. Charlene’s  passion for the industry and love for Tennessee State  Florists’ Association, - Past, Present, and Future, is evident in the Legacy she bequeaths TSFA.