WHEN PASSION & CAREER COME TOGETHER | With a passion for flowers, a sense of exploration and an eye for beauty, Donald has been in floral design for over 20 years, and is now the Creative Director of West Van Florist in Vancouver, Canada, as well as the Education Specialist at Floriology Institute of Jacksonville, Florida.  DO WHAT YOU LOVE | Deeply influenced by the eastern and western cultures, Donald has his unique approach to floral designs and aesthetics, which has caught a lot of attentions from the industry and media.  Throughout all these years, Donald has featured in all sorts of floral shows and in many internationally renowned magazines.

Make plans to join the annual TSFA Floral Forum August 17-19, 2018 to experience this dynamic designer.

CTPFA presents check to Nashville Cares

CTPFA raised money for Nashville Cares during TSFA's annual convention from the silent auction.  We are happy they were able to present Nashville Cares with a check for the amount of $3842.14.

We are so thankful for everyone who supported this great organization and purchased items during the 2017 TSFA convention.

TSFA attends national FFA competition

TSFA President Brenda Blackburn along with TSFA board members Donny Johnson and Anita Ausenbaugh attended the national FFA conference and competition.  The three mentored high school students competing in floral design.  There were several thousand students at the event.  They were warmly received and worked several long days instructing and evaluating student designs.

NAFA Meets

The National Alliance of Floral Associations met in October to hold their annual conference.  2017 TSFA's Designer of the Year Daron Frazier competed and respresented our state and TSFA.  We are happy to announce that Daron finished as second runner up.  TSFA's president, Brenda Blackburn also attended learning many new floral trends and policies as well.


TSFA, CTPFA, TSU, and the students who participated in State FFA AG Floristry Competition owe a debt of gratitude to Frank Allen and team at Metro Floral Wholesale for the generous Flower Contribution to this program.

In appreciation we would also like to acknowledge Jill Shrum for her continuing effort to bridge students to the industry.

Thanks also to TSFA President Anita Ausenbaugh, CTPFA President Michael Steakley, and CTPFA Vice President Wesley Fox AIFD,TCF,- for Judging, as well as Assisting in this endeavor.

We Salute Frank Allen

As a United States Veteran, America could not ask for better. Thanks for always, In all ways,remembering the brave who laid down their lives, so we may live FREE...

Thanks for remembering with FREEdom Roses to our VETERANS!


Donny discovered a passion for flowers and for business early on his very first job was as a delivery driver in a Texas florist in 1997. Lasting only one day as a driver, he was quickly promoted to plant care and ultimately embarked upon floral design beginning a near 20-year love affair with flowers.

Over the years, he has received numerous design accolades. In Tennessee for less than a year, Donny has already been named: Tennessee State Florists’ Association (TSFA) “Designer of the Year” and “Iris Cup” winner. In October 2015, he represented and was awarded 2nd Runner-Up in San Antonio, Texas’ NAFA.

During his tenure in Arkansas, he held board positions with the Ozark Florist Association; Arkansas Flower & Garden Show; and Teleflora’s Arkansas Unit. Dedicated to education and industry promotion, Donny capitalizes on every opportunity he can to share his knowledge and hone his craft.

Donny holds a degree in Secondary Education from Baylor University. He is a certified “Arkansas Master Florist”, and currently pursuing his AIFD certification.

Donny joined Rebel Hill Florist in December. Before relocating to Nashville in 2014, Donny owned Bella Flora in Little Rock, Arkansas


Dear Tennessee State Florist,

We want to encourage you to begin the journey of becoming a Certified Floral Designer or an Accredited Member of AIFD. The Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) will take place in Orange County on July 1 and will be followed by the annual floral design extravaganza known as the AIFD Symposium, this year themed “Inspiration”!

AIFD has some helpful and exciting tools and incentives that may assist you in your journey to become Certified and/or Accredited. 

FREE video that gives in-depth examples of the evaluation criteria used on your floral design work. The video can be found on our website, at the BOTTOM of this page: http://aifd.org/membership/become-cfd-and-aifd/ .

AIFD also offers five (5) different online classes. For non-members, the courses are $99 each, but once you sign up as a Candidate, the classes are just $79 each and they start back up in just a few weeks! These classes are a great way to refresh and refine your design skills, and use the AIFD Guide to Floral Design (2nd Edition) as the backbone to the courses. For more information on these courses and to register online, visit this page on our website:http://aifd.org/online-education/course-descriptions/.

Many of AIFD’s elite Education Partners offer courses specifically aimed at fine tuning your skills in preparation of AIFD’s evaluation process. Check out our list here: http://aifd.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Education-Partner-Class-Information-1.pdf.

Several other AIFD Partners and Regions are hosting education programs this spring, including AIFD’s Southern Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, March 4-6. Find more information here: http://aifd.org/upcoming-events/events/.

We suggest finding an AIFD mentor in your area if you have not already. You can always utilize the “Find a Designer” tool on our website, www.aifd.org (top of the homepage). If you are having trouble finding a mentor, AIFD would be happy to find someone in your area to connect you with.

All you need to do right now is complete the AIFD PFDE Candidate Enrollment Form and pay the Candidacy fee (http://aifdsite.membershipsoftware.org/assoc_subscribe.asp). Then, in February, AIFD will send you the Application to Participate in the Orange County PFDE. Once you complete the application and return it to AIFD (no later than April 15!) with your deposit, you will have access to Part One of the PFDE: an online test that helps you prepare for the hands-on portion of the evaluations in Orange County.

AIFD is asking you to join them in their mission to advance the art of professional floral design through education, service and leadership, and to recognize the achievement of excellence in this art form. If there is something that AIFD can do to help you achieve this goal, please contact them at 410-752-3318. AIFD is here to help you!


Kevin Coble AIFD

CTPFA Christmas Design Contest

CTPFA is sponsoring a design contest for a door decoration at the 2015 Convention/Christmas Show. Get your creative juices flowing and come up with a beautiful wreath, swag, etc. that would welcome visitors to your home for the holidays.

Contest Rules:

1. Each entrant must have a full registration to the 2015 Convention/Christmas Show.

2. A Christmas/Holiday theme should be carried out in the design

3. The entry may be fresh, permanent, or a combination of the two.

4. Each entrant will furnish their own easel for display.

5. The entry fee is $25.00 per entry, payable to CTPFA at the time of entry.

6. Entries must be exhibited by 6 PM Friday, in the appropriate display area.

7. Prizes will be: First Place $200.00, Second Place $100.00, Third Place $50.00. Peoples choice $50.00

Please fill out the form below and send with a check for $25.00 payable to CTPFA to:

Wesley Fox AIFD,TCF, PO Box 1062, Franklin, TN 37065

Postmark deadline: August 15, 2015



Shop Address_________________________________


Shop Phone number____________________________

R.S. “Sandy” White Designer of the Year

This year the contest will be held live on stage.

It will be on stage Saturday morning at 7:30 .. Contestants must report to the area 30 minutes prior to contest start for briefing and assignment of numbers and work spaces.

Contest is open to any active member of TSFA or any full time employee of an active member shop. Contest-ants must have a full registration to the convention and are responsible for their personal convention expens-es. There is a $50 non-refundable entry fee and check must be submitted with application. Contestants must submit a black and white photograph of themselves and a written bio with application.

Each contestant will be required to make four designs and they must be designed on site.

Designs will be sympathy, bridal, body flowers, and surprise package. All materials will be provided for all designs.

You may bring the following tools/supplies into the contest room to use in the DOTY contest:

• Floral knife •  Scissors • Ribbon Scissors•  Floral Pruner/Shear  • Needle Nose Pliers • Wire Cutter • Towel •

The 2015 Designer of the Year will represent TSFA in the National Designer of the Year contest at NAFA. He/she will be awarded the following prizes: the Designer of the Year trophy to retain for one year, $250 upon winning, $850 for expenses to NAFA to cover expenses ( to be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts to the treasurer). He/she will receive a permanent trophy at the 2015 convention.

The first runner up will receive a check for $100 and a plaque. If for some reason the winner cannot attend the NAFA contest, the first runner up will represent TSFA in the contest and receive the expense monies upon presentation of receipts to the treasurer.

The second runner up will receive a plaque.

The first place winner in each of the 4 categories shall receive prize monies of $50.

All entries must be postmarked by Monday, August 15, 2015.

Each contestant will be notified when his/her application is received.

The TSFA Designer of the Year will conduct himself/herself in a professional manner when representing Ten-nessee State. The Designer of the Year will present a program to each of the three active Allieds for which he/she will be compensated $400 each. Schedules will be handled by the Education Chairman. The Allieds will furnish materials and place of event while the Designer of the Year will be responsible for travel and lodging. Any breach of this clause will result in a forfeiture of title and any prizes awarded. 

Name _____________________________________

Shop Name_____________________________


Phone #_______________________________

Length of time in floral industry________________________________________


Return to : Wesley Fox AIFD,

TCF PO Box 1062 Franklin, TN 37065 

Tom Lea Memorial Iris Cup Competition

Interpretive Floral Design

Sponsored by Judy Lea

Rules and Regulations:

The contest will be held at the TSFA Convention/CTPFA Christmas Show, Embassy Suites, Murfreesboro, TN, on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM. Contestants report at 8:30 AM.

1. The contest is open to any active member of TSFA or any employee of an active TSFA member shop. The contestants must have been em-ployed full-time (30 hours per week) for six consecutive months prior to the Convention.

2. Each entry must have a full registration to the Convention.

3. Each contestant will interpret a given work of art with a design of all fresh flowers and materials. A picture of the art work will be sent to each contestant following the receipt of their application.

4. Each contestant will provide ALL materials needed for the competition. Props and accessories are allowed.

5. Each design must fit into a 48” by 48” space. There is no height limitation.

6. All design work must be done on site. Prep time will be from 9:00 – 10:00. During prep time, contestants may insert foam; assemble props; place soil, sand, or rocks within the design; cut flowers and foliage to desired lengths; wire and tape individual stems. No assembly of cascades, clusters, or composites is allowed during prep time. No insertions of any materials, including mosses and branches, are allowed before 10:00. A member of the Iris Cup Committee will inspect each work area prior to the 10:00 start time.

7. Only Iris Cup Committee members may offer assistance during prep and contest time.

8. Each contestant must furnish their own tools, wire, tape, etc.

9. Each contestant will be report to the Iris Cup Chairperson at 8:30 A.M. for briefing. You will draw, alphabetically, a sealed envelope for your number space. A master sheet with names and numbers will be retained by the Iris Cup Chairperson.

10. Judging will take place immediately following the contest. A total of 100 points per judge (3) is possible. Judging categories are: Interpretation of Artwork (25 points); Physical and Visual Balance (25 points); Mechanics and Workmanship (25 points); Overall Impression (25 points).

11. Judges will consist of art critics and/or floral designers. They will have access to the tally sheets only. After judging, tally sheets will be placed in envelopes and given to the Iris Cup Chairperson. The Iris Cup Committee will tabulate the scores.

12. The contestant with the highest number of points will be declared the winner. The contestant with the second highest points will be the first runner-up, and the contestant with the third highest points will be the second runner-up.

13. The winner will receive $300, the Iris Cup Trophy for one year, and the artwork. The first runner-up will receive $200, and the second runner-up will receive $100. The winner will also receive a trophy the following year to replace the rotating trophy.

14. All entries must be postmarked no later than Monday, August 15, 2015. 


Application for 2015 Tom Lea Memorial Iris Cup Competition

Name ____________________________________

Shop ________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City ________________________________ State _____ Zip ____________________

Phone ____________________________ Email ______________________________

Length of time in the floral industry as a designer _____.

Applicant Signature ____________________________________________

Shop Owner Signature for Verification ____________________________

Return to: Wesley Fox, P.O. Box 1062, Franklin, TN, 37065 615-599-1299 wesleyfoxaifdtcf@aol.com 



2015 Owen Shackleford Grant Award Rules and Regulations

The contest will be held at the Southern Charm convention on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM

1. Contest shall be open to any active member of TSFA or any full time employee of an active member shop. A typewritten letter of recommendation must be submitted with the application.

2. Judging shall consist of interview and completed arrangements. The interview will be worth 40 points and the designs will be worth 60 points.

3. Contestants shall design 2 arrangements on site: a funeral arrangement and a table piece. All materials will be provided for the designs.

4. Contestants should bring the following tools/supplies to complete designs:

Scissors, Floral knife, Floral pruner or shears, wire cutter, ribbon scissors, needle nose pliers, towel

5. Judging will take place immediately following completion of designs.

6. The winer of the contest will receive a scholarship to attend a 3 day class at the Floriology Institute, (value $500) compliments of Bloomnet and $350 for travel expenses (underwritten by the Lynn Doyle Endowment Fund)

7. Each contestant must have a full registration for the convention. The application must be postmarked no later than Auguat 15, 2015 and mut be accompanied by a non refundable check for $30.00. Contestants will be notified when application and check is received.

8. If the winner does not use the scholarship without just cause, he/she forfeits any right to enter another scholarship contest sponsored by TSFA.

A Message From the President: Spring 2015

Hey Fellow TSFA Members:

As Winter still lingers with us, Spring will soon be here. It’s one of my favorite times of the year when all of the bare branch stsructures begin to bud and magically bloom. It’s pretty amazing how fortunate we are to have seasons and experience such changes within our landscape.

As with change, I am well into my last year as your President and hope that everyone has seen new growth over the past three and a half years. I, as well as your Board of Directors, have worked and are still working dilligently to make TSFA a stronger association. It’s safe to say that we have made ourselves known across the United States, and in a professional manner. As we continue this year, many plans are underway for more educational programs as the feed back that we receive is “We want more education”. We’re going to get the programs rolling so I expect for all to be full of enthusiastic and interested individuals wanting to learn. We’re hoping to also get into the Alabama area as well, since they are now part of our association. I’m excited about all of this as I feel that education is vital to any successful endeavor. Please reach out to your Board and let us know what we can do for you. We’re hoping that more education will intrigue others to become members. I honestly don’t feel that everyone knows how fortunate we are to have such a strong association, but it definitely could be stronger with more involvement from others.

I continue to ask for support in our membership drive. This has been one of my major goals. I’ve come to the conclusion that i’m not sure what it takes to get people interested and involved. IT saddens me as I know we have one of the strongest conventions in our region, and also across the US.

On that note, Convention is soon approaching and as always we need you!! If you would participate one time, I know that you’ll be back. And with a Board of Directors that will be changing, I hope you will consider putting your name on the ballot. Step up and let everyone know that you are a leader.

With all of this said, I’m always available for your comments and concerns. If you don’t voice them, how am I supposed to know your thoughts? I’m just an email or phone call away. I hope to hear from you soon. Happy Spring!!!