Dear Tennessee State Florist,

We want to encourage you to begin the journey of becoming a Certified Floral Designer or an Accredited Member of AIFD. The Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) will take place in Orange County on July 1 and will be followed by the annual floral design extravaganza known as the AIFD Symposium, this year themed “Inspiration”!

AIFD has some helpful and exciting tools and incentives that may assist you in your journey to become Certified and/or Accredited. 

FREE video that gives in-depth examples of the evaluation criteria used on your floral design work. The video can be found on our website, at the BOTTOM of this page: .

AIFD also offers five (5) different online classes. For non-members, the courses are $99 each, but once you sign up as a Candidate, the classes are just $79 each and they start back up in just a few weeks! These classes are a great way to refresh and refine your design skills, and use the AIFD Guide to Floral Design (2nd Edition) as the backbone to the courses. For more information on these courses and to register online, visit this page on our website:

Many of AIFD’s elite Education Partners offer courses specifically aimed at fine tuning your skills in preparation of AIFD’s evaluation process. Check out our list here:

Several other AIFD Partners and Regions are hosting education programs this spring, including AIFD’s Southern Conference in Louisville, Kentucky, March 4-6. Find more information here:

We suggest finding an AIFD mentor in your area if you have not already. You can always utilize the “Find a Designer” tool on our website, (top of the homepage). If you are having trouble finding a mentor, AIFD would be happy to find someone in your area to connect you with.

All you need to do right now is complete the AIFD PFDE Candidate Enrollment Form and pay the Candidacy fee ( Then, in February, AIFD will send you the Application to Participate in the Orange County PFDE. Once you complete the application and return it to AIFD (no later than April 15!) with your deposit, you will have access to Part One of the PFDE: an online test that helps you prepare for the hands-on portion of the evaluations in Orange County.

AIFD is asking you to join them in their mission to advance the art of professional floral design through education, service and leadership, and to recognize the achievement of excellence in this art form. If there is something that AIFD can do to help you achieve this goal, please contact them at 410-752-3318. AIFD is here to help you!


Kevin Coble AIFD