R.S. “Sandy” White Designer of the Year

This year the contest will be held live on stage.

It will be on stage Saturday morning at 7:30 .. Contestants must report to the area 30 minutes prior to contest start for briefing and assignment of numbers and work spaces.

Contest is open to any active member of TSFA or any full time employee of an active member shop. Contest-ants must have a full registration to the convention and are responsible for their personal convention expens-es. There is a $50 non-refundable entry fee and check must be submitted with application. Contestants must submit a black and white photograph of themselves and a written bio with application.

Each contestant will be required to make four designs and they must be designed on site.

Designs will be sympathy, bridal, body flowers, and surprise package. All materials will be provided for all designs.

You may bring the following tools/supplies into the contest room to use in the DOTY contest:

• Floral knife •  Scissors • Ribbon Scissors•  Floral Pruner/Shear  • Needle Nose Pliers • Wire Cutter • Towel •

The 2015 Designer of the Year will represent TSFA in the National Designer of the Year contest at NAFA. He/she will be awarded the following prizes: the Designer of the Year trophy to retain for one year, $250 upon winning, $850 for expenses to NAFA to cover expenses ( to be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts to the treasurer). He/she will receive a permanent trophy at the 2015 convention.

The first runner up will receive a check for $100 and a plaque. If for some reason the winner cannot attend the NAFA contest, the first runner up will represent TSFA in the contest and receive the expense monies upon presentation of receipts to the treasurer.

The second runner up will receive a plaque.

The first place winner in each of the 4 categories shall receive prize monies of $50.

All entries must be postmarked by Monday, August 15, 2015.

Each contestant will be notified when his/her application is received.

The TSFA Designer of the Year will conduct himself/herself in a professional manner when representing Ten-nessee State. The Designer of the Year will present a program to each of the three active Allieds for which he/she will be compensated $400 each. Schedules will be handled by the Education Chairman. The Allieds will furnish materials and place of event while the Designer of the Year will be responsible for travel and lodging. Any breach of this clause will result in a forfeiture of title and any prizes awarded. 

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Length of time in floral industry________________________________________


Return to : Wesley Fox AIFD,

TCF PO Box 1062 Franklin, TN 37065