2015 Owen Shackleford Grant Award Rules and Regulations

The contest will be held at the Southern Charm convention on Friday, August 28, 2015 from 12:00 PM until 2:00 PM

1. Contest shall be open to any active member of TSFA or any full time employee of an active member shop. A typewritten letter of recommendation must be submitted with the application.

2. Judging shall consist of interview and completed arrangements. The interview will be worth 40 points and the designs will be worth 60 points.

3. Contestants shall design 2 arrangements on site: a funeral arrangement and a table piece. All materials will be provided for the designs.

4. Contestants should bring the following tools/supplies to complete designs:

Scissors, Floral knife, Floral pruner or shears, wire cutter, ribbon scissors, needle nose pliers, towel

5. Judging will take place immediately following completion of designs.

6. The winer of the contest will receive a scholarship to attend a 3 day class at the Floriology Institute, (value $500) compliments of Bloomnet and $350 for travel expenses (underwritten by the Lynn Doyle Endowment Fund)

7. Each contestant must have a full registration for the convention. The application must be postmarked no later than Auguat 15, 2015 and mut be accompanied by a non refundable check for $30.00. Contestants will be notified when application and check is received.

8. If the winner does not use the scholarship without just cause, he/she forfeits any right to enter another scholarship contest sponsored by TSFA.