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Petals and Profits // Two Programs in One Night

Garden Roses - Not all Garden Roses are Equal

From Alexandra Farms and other South American Farms
we will feature an array of Garden Roses.  Garden Roses are becoming not only a luxury wedding item but a staple in many shops. If you are familiar with the colors, shapes and opening of these greatly demanded products you will increase your ability not only to offer them, but to also make money on them.

Mike Tallent will discuss product and best purchasing practices for these roses to maximize your dollar on these roses. With question & answer opportunities on purchasing and processing these great treasures.

Care and Handling - The difference between good product and great results.

Dean Knight is a leading expert on this subject. Many top farms and research teams seek out his experience and feed back on their products. He will be on hand to show how proper care and handling will maximize your product and minimize your flower loss.

If you have a great product and a really good mark up you are flying, right?  Well, you need to know how to process that great product to get the best results. Whether it’s the wedding of a lifetime, a memorial or just a brighten your day bouquet, you will want your product to be the best on the market. Care and handling is essential to get the most from what we sell.
From the moment your flowers come in the door the clock is ticking on you.Cutting, hydrating and feeding your flowers properly you will see an incredible difference in how your flowers look. 

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