Battle of the Design Teams 2015

A battle of sheer wit and determination, in a time crunch, with teamwork and creativity, interpreting a theme... All in a day’s work in the floral industry!

Form a team !! 2 designers and a runner(optional) At the event the team will blind draw a theme and must interpret the theme with the product given.
Only 1 designer may work a a time, but can tag the other designer for help.
At least 1 tag during the contest is mandatory.

(The runner’s job is to select items for the team, such as props, flowers, etc, which are provided by the committee.
Teams must create their design and deliver completed within the 30 minute time limit.

Judging will be based on: 1. Teamwork 2. Overall design 3. Theme interpretation Winner will be selected by a panel of 3 judges.
Entrance Fee: $25 per team. Entry deadline August 15, 2015
Teams may bring tools, wire, glue, tape, etc. needed to complete designs. Information: Call Michael Steakley 615.591.7990

Entry Form: Shop__________________________________



Send entry form and check to Wesley Fox AIFD

PO Box 1062 Franklin, TN 38065