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The Main Street of America...

This August TSFA and CTPFA will present Root 66 at the annual flower forum.  This is a great opportunity to experience amazing flower shows from outstanding designers. Of course there will be competitions, design shows, and scholarships.  We will have many more details soon.  



Competitions are a great way to grow or keep your design skills sharp.  The Designer of the Year competition is held each year in which florists' from around the state are encouraged to enter.  The winner of this competition also represents TSFA in the the Mid-America competition.  The winner also has the opportunity to display their design skills by presenting two shows in various areas to educate other designers.  Also the Iris Cup Competition is present each year.  This competition is an interpretative design based on a chosen work of art.  This competition really allows for designers to utilize their creative side.  The winner takes home the stunning art work as well as cash incentives.  P.S.  you also get trophies!!!  Click on the button below for information, rules, and applications.  Remember to disable your pop-up blocker.


The Owen Shackleford grant is offered every year to designers that aspire to greatness.  These designers will present two designs and undergo an interview.  The winner receives a scholarship to attend a class at the Floriology Institute and travel incentives.  To learn more about this exciting opportunity click the button below.